What Is GB Whatsapp - Read All About GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp is a newly launched service from Google that enables you to access your Gmail email account from your mobile phone. It has all the functionality as the official Gmail app but at the same time is completely free and can be downloaded from the Google play store for free. Often Asked Questions (FAQs) about this new service are: What is GB Whatsapp and how to install it on Android? Is it secure to use GB Whatsapp for Android devices? What are the other features of GB Whatsapp for Android phones?

gb whatsapp

What Is This GB Whatsapp Application?

In a nutshell, GB Whatsapp is an online email client application that lets you utilize Gmail services while enjoying features like video calling, sharing, and messaging apps, such as Google chat, email, and many others. The video calling feature of the GB Whatsapp is an innovative feature. You can actually see the person you are chatting with through their webcam or view them in 3D. Video calling is available on both rooted and unlocked Android devices.

Many internet users are already aware of the fact that Gmail is one of the premier e-mail service providers in the world. You may use GB Whatsapp to communicate with your close friends and relatives residing across the globe. But, there are several issues that arise if you want to use GB Whatsapp to share and exchange emails with your friends residing in another country. It is possible that you might not be able to view the emails of your friend if they have not provided their email id or the mail id on the GB Whatsapp interface. So, how can you use GB Whatsapp on android to address this issue?

How GB Whatsapp Is Different In Comparison To Other Apps

The GB Whatsapp app is not like other apps that are available in the market. If you want to use this app, you need to download it from the Google play store. After you have downloaded the official app, you can easily create a unique user name and set up your mobile phone number as the primary number. You can then start sending and receiving emails from anyone across the world using the GB Whatsapp app.

Apart from sending emails, you can also use GB Whatsapp to send SMS to any number including unknown sources. You can also use this app to send voice messages to any number. Apart from this, the app lets you manage your contacts as well as calendars. In addition, you can easily import contacts from your favorite social networking sites and exchange links with your friends.

The GB Whatsapp app is one of the first android apps that allow you to enter text messages online. It also has a special feature where you can see the blue ticks every time you receive an SMS from an unknown source. The most interesting part about this android app is that you don't need any special skills to use it.

Features Of GB Whatsapp

This app comes with various exciting features such as the hide last seen, floating action, night vision, and many more. You can even customize many of the basic functions such as the color for the message box, a message body, and the appearance of the contact list. Moreover, you can change the background of the screen as well as the appearance of the buttons and text boxes. Apart from all these amazing features, this is one of the best apps to remove unknown Gmail users. However, you need to have an internet connection to use the GB Whatsapp.

To make it more exciting, you can even send and read receipts while chatting online with your friends. This official app is also useful for those who want to track their expenses.


If you are using this app frequently, then you can use the link facility to share links and files with all your contacts. With all these impressive features, you will definitely love this android app. You can also buy this GB Whatsapp directly from the Google play store or get it from the Amazon Appstore.