Webinar Software for Business Hangouts - The Features Of Webinar Software

Which webinar software is the best? Which ones do you need? Which ones do you want to avoid? These are tough questions to answer as there are so many options out there to consider. In this article, we will discuss some webinar software options that we feel are very useful and will be great investments for your business.

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Webinar Software for Business Hangouts 

Webinar Hosting with WebinarJam is a webinar software solution that offers businesses a webinar hosting service with all the features of a full-service host but at a much lower cost. Hosting allows you to rent or buy webinar space for your upcoming webinars or conferences, set up permissions, and define the interface and add-ons that you want to include. It also enables you to create your own conference invite or sales pitch and automatically answers email inquiries and provides a toll-free remote support line. With Webinar Jam you can have unlimited visitors, have multiple conference rooms, and have multiple participants from across your company.

Webinar Software - Cost-Effective

Webinar Least Cost (LCC) is a webinar software package that has been specifically designed for small business owners. LCC is a very affordable solution for web seminars and conferences that meet the needs of most small businesses. Using this service, you can host two webinars at one price, regardless if you are using the solutions on a single PC or an entire network of computers. The service has been tested and works great on Windows platforms, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

BrightTalk Channel 

The BrightTALK channel is another webinar software solution that is ideal for live or webinars. This webinar platform offers two ways to consume your feed: Through the BrightTALK channel for audio presentations and video feeds and through the live webinar platform for text-based presentations only. With the BrightTALK channel, you can add text and audio comments, vote on different questions, and even upload files. With the live webinar, you can actually see the presenter as he walks around during the webinar.

Storing Webinar Sessions With Webinar Software

If you plan on using the internet as a means of holding webinars it is important to configure a way for the session to be stored where it can be accessed by everyone in the group easily. Since all attendees need access to the session, you may want to set up a dedicated landing page or group page that holds the webinar. This ensures that people who are not attending the webinar can still view it.

Webinar AutoRecording 

One of the key features of webinar software is the ability to record the webinar for playback at a later time. You may want to consider adding in additional functionality so that other members of the audience can be able to view it as well. For example, some webinar software products include an online viewer that will automatically record the webinar for you at a later time; this is useful if the audience will not all be in the same location at the time of the presentation. Also, certain webinar software products have the option of recording to a Windows Live Meeting place where the audience can be viewed in real-time; this is especially helpful for presentations that require members to have access to their computers to participate.


These are just a few of the many webinar software features that are available today. There are many more such as streaming video, touch-screens, event management, touch-screen capture, and more. For businesses that are interested in maximizing their profits by having an internet presence, webinar software offers a unique solution. By investing in the right product you can greatly increase your revenues by allowing your webinar participants to interact with your products or services virtually.