Sample resume of a psychologist for work

Specialists in mental processes, properties and states of personality and interpersonal relationships are in increasing demand every day in health care and education, business and sports, social assistance and other areas of government and non-government sector.

Job duties of a psychologist for a resume

Conventionally, all psychological specializations are divided into three categories: practitioners, theorists and teachers of psychology. Each category of specialists has its own set of job duties. Specialists in practical aspects of psychology are most in demand in the labor market, and by their example we will consider the functions, key skills, achievements and personal qualities.

Examples of job duties for a resume of a psychologist:

  • Conducting trainings for children and adolescents: raising self-esteem, self-development motivation, management of emotional states.
  • Diagnostic and correctional work with employees.
  • Consulting parents on aspects of child development.
  • Vocational guidance for high school students.
  • Organization and conduct of measures for psycho-physiological rehabilitation.
  • Counseling in the field of interpersonal relations and personal development.
  • Family counseling.
  • Evaluation of psychological compatibility.
  • Psychodiagnostics.
  • Development of strategies to motivate employees.
  • Creation of psychological portraits.

Achievements of a psychologist in the resume

In the success of the psychologist can record Resume Example for Juvenile Counselor, mastering a new specialization, the experience of applying certain techniques and methods in practice. Publications in the specialized media, own developments, experience in conducting trainings and seminars for well-known companies and organizations, participation in international scientific conferences and so on will necessarily impress the employer.

Personal qualities of a psychologist for a resume

Personal qualities should help a specialist in his work, which is closely connected with communication. On the one hand, the ability to empathize, to perceive the feelings of another person is important for a psychologist. On the other hand, no less important is the ability to abstract from the problems of other people. Otherwise, the psychologist will start destroying his psyche, and one day he will simply not be able to perform his direct job duties.