What Are the Advantages of Installing a GB WhatsApp Application To Businesses?

The best GB Whatsapp features is that it helps you to mask any kind of information from your outgoing messages on your phone. With this application, you can hide the messages you do not want others to see. If you are wondering how it works, it works by having a layer that appears below your average message. Once you scroll up or down the message, it goes below the regular text that scrolls out from the top of the screen.

GB WhatsApp

The best feature of GB WhatsApp

The best GB WhatsApp features probably enable you to conceal other kinds of info from your outgoing messages. With this app, you can hide any kind of an icon, such as a shortcut to your e-mail client or a clock placed on the top right corner of your screen. With the app, you can also hide whether you saw someone’s last seen message, blue ticks that indicate that a certain message has been sent, and the second tick, which means you are typing text on the message. This application is also helpful in hiding multimedia such as videos, photos and songs. This way, even if somebody calls you on this number, you will not see the video or the picture on the phone.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp in Business Promotion

As a business owner, you should know that creating effective communication with your employees is one of the main factors in running a successful business. Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of these apps in their marketing efforts. As a matter of fact, many companies who are new to the industry forget about these apps because they assume that it is unnecessary. If you are one of those individuals, you are undoubtedly wrong because GB WhatsApp helps you promote your business by providing custom themes for your iPhone.


The use of these apps would not be complete without the ability to personalize your device. There are more than a few reasons why customizing your device would be beneficial. One of the main reasons for doing this is to make it look unique and different from the other iPhones and iPod Touch devices. This is because most iPod Touch users have the same basic design as all other iPhones.

The sub-tabs 

Another thing about whatsapp is the use of sub-tabs in the interface. In other words, there are different ways you can customize your device. These include the ability to change your color theme, change the icon theme, change the background theme, and adjust the font sizes and colors. However, the most useful feature of this application is the use of sub-tabs. When you switch from one application to another, you do not need to go back to the main screen but rather can simply go to a specific tab.

Backup and restore 

One of the most significant advantages of the GB WhatsApp is that it offers the ability to backup and restore your contacts, messages, photos, and videos. If you lose some of your files, you won't have to start from scratch since the backup files are already ready for you. The backup and restore feature of the app also allows you to synchronize your email with your IMs and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Reasons Why One Gets Banned 

Since the GB WhatsApp can mod the default application, it is easy to see why this could result in getting banned. A standard modding method is to replace one application with another, which means that someone could easily create a clone of your popular application and put it on the market. Since the default application of the iPhone is limited to text messaging, internet use, and primary photo and video messaging features, this opens up all kinds of possibilities. Someone could make a game for your phone that uses the text message feature to send images and messages. This could easily result in you getting banned, so it's always best to be careful when dealing with these kinds of situations.


If you're thinking about downloading or getting a GB WhatsApp download, be sure to use a trusted source. Many apps look just like the official version but don't have the official website or Google Play links. Instead, they download the apps from different sites and post the source code on their websites so that you get caught up in spyware. Only download GB WhatsApp apps from a trusted source and only use them for the purposes outlined above. Also, make sure to read through the terms and conditions of the program before installing it.