Advantages Of Using YouTube Vanced

What is YouTube Vanced? Youtube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube using many new features like background playback and adblocking. It's also got an updated interface, various skins to choose from, plus a whole lot more. So what exactly do these YouTube Vanced benefits entail? Well, here goes!

YouTube Vanced

Advantages Of Using YouTube Vanced

  1. The greatest advantage of the advanced version of YouTube or YouTube Vanced is the fact that it's now able to run on most non-rooted devices. How does that work exactly? Basically, the program installs a special skin onto your device which contains all the files and settings necessary to "run" YouTube on your phone. Since the interface is still pretty much the same (you just don't see all those ads), it's completely transparent and works just like an application.
  2. Another great thing about this version of YouTube is that it's also able to run on rooted android devices as well, which means you don't have to use any ad-blockers. This was one of the major draws for the YouTube Vanced program because it was able to circumvent the "ad-blocker" problem on android devices. The program also allows you to use almost all of the features that you'd normally find on an android device. 
  3. The third reason for using YouTube Vanced is so that you can still enjoy all the benefits of Vanced as well as the ability to use a custom theme. In other words, you're still going to be able to use your regular flash player settings while you use this modded YouTube theme. And, it also comes with a free Google search bar! That's right, you can get access to Google's search engine through your customized YouTube theme.
  4. You can get access to a darker theme if you'd prefer it or you can simply disable the background play button and select the default light or dark theme. Personally, I prefer the dark theme since it looks more professional than the lighter version and I also don't want to compromise on video quality. Besides, even if the icons are customizable, it's probably worth it to download and use the advanced ones instead of the default ones since they're the same size.

YouTube Vanced And Its Theme

If you're wondering why YouTube Vanced has been called the black theme by Google, it's simply because it's similar in look to the popular dark theme for many browsers. The only difference is the color scheme. And because it's black, it looks much better on phones and tablets as well as other platforms. To use the default white or light theme, you'll need to make sure your device meets the minimum display resolution so that YouTube cancer will work properly. You can tweak video quality settings by going into preferences, then viewing Video Playlist Settings.


When it comes to playing videos in this new version, you won't have to worry about the quality of the videos. As long as you're on a secure network and you're using an authenticated browser, you should be fine. If you're playing videos in other browsers, you might encounter problems with YouTube's latest update that disables embedded videos and other features that used to be supported. But overall, this is still one of the best browsers to use when it comes to watching YouTube videos.